Stephenson's situation must watch for internet, Wizards

Stephenson's situation must watch for internet, Wizards
June 3, 2014, 1:45 pm
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Lance Stephenson's postseason behavior likely, um, blew his shot at a big payday this summer (The Pacers wing's spotty production including in the second round series versus the Wizards didn't help either). However the internet has turned those antics into gold Jerry, gold!

First notable use paired Stephenson's infamous blowing-on-Lebron James moment with Kevin Durant falling down during the final seconds of Oklahoma City's series-ending loss to San Antonio. The latest gem comes from another NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks, who used of Stephenson's silliness in a birthday wish for Al Horford.

Good work, people of the internet.

By the way, Stephenson's upcoming free agency ranks as one of if not arguably the most intriguing this off-season. Nobody argues the 6-foot-5 guard's electric talent or that "Born Ready" played at an All-Star level for the first half of the regular season. Larry Bird has stated he wants to keep the unrestricted free agent, though that could be tricky especially with so many teams sporting ample salary cap space. Besides, lots of 23-year-olds are light in the maturity department (I know a few 43-year-old's that are as well).

But give the face-slapping Stephenson with a penchant for massive hot and cold on-court production swings say a five-year contract for eight figures per, good luck with that (To be clear, nobody rationally believes the Wizards are interested).

One last thing. Should Stephenson land with the Knicks or Kings or Lakers or anywhere other than back with Indiana, the already offensively-challenged Pacers will become even more suspect when it comes to scoring. Along with what takes place with Miami's Big 3, Derrick Rose's knee, Carmelo Anthony's future home address, Stephenson's scenario is one the Wizards will surely watch when it comes to making their own and possibly bold off-season decisions.