Sheed leaves Juwan as last Bullet standing

Sheed leaves Juwan as last Bullet standing
April 17, 2013, 6:00 pm
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The Rasheed Wallace era is over, again. Out of the NBA since 2010 before returning this season as a member of the Knicks, Wallace announced on Wednesday he was retiring for good.

Because Wallace, Washington's first round pick in 1995, is now out of the league, only one former member of the Bullets remains in the league. At least we think Juwan Howard is still in the league.

Actually a look at Howard's game log show the 40-year-old (!!!) actually played 19 minutes for the Miami Heat on Monday night - or six more than he played previously during the entire season. Whatever, he's in South Beach for some veteran leadership, help in practice and get coffee for the team with his senior discount. We kid, we kid, Juwan. Realistically, if the Heat actually needs the power forward for real minutes in a real game during the upcoming postseason, something went terribly wrong or LeBron James is trying to increase his degree of difficulty.

Whatever, that's not the point. As long as Miami or some other team finds a use for Howard, pick in the first-round one-year before Wallace, the Washington Bullets in the modern era lives on. Seeing as we just had a heaping does of nostalgia from the 35th anniversary of the 1978 NBA Championship team earlier this month, keeping the Bullets flame going is a good thing for however long it lasts. Probably four rounds of the postseason.

As for Wallace, ProBasketballTalk unearthed this compilation of his many antics. Certainly worth a view especially if you know what "Ball Don't Lie" is all about.

The Knicks replaced Wallace on the roster with ex-Wizard Earl Barron. That means some connection to this year's Wizards remains in the playoffs. Yes, Jordan Crawford is with the Celtics, but apparently there is some debate whether he played in Washington at all.