Shannon Brown finally arrives in Washington

Shannon Brown finally arrives in Washington
February 6, 2014, 5:30 pm
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Shannon Brown's third game for his sixth NBA team took place on Wednesday in Chinatown.

It came against the organization that he never played for or spent a second with, yet will pay him $3.5 million this season.

Despite the financial relationship, don't count on Brown ever displaying a Washington Wizards jersey among his post-career artifacts.

"Only if they send me one," Brown joked before his current team, the San Antonio Spurs battled the Wizards. "When it's time to hang them up, I don't know if there will be a Wizards jersey there for me."

Brown, part of the trade that brought Marcin Gortat to the Wizards from the Phoenix Suns in October, joined the injury-riddled Spurs this month. The wing guard spent the past three months "waiting for someone to call me," after Washington told him don't come to Washington. Therefore, he didn't, until the NBA schedule sent the Spurs this way.

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"I never even flew to [D.C.] or came nowhere near," the 28-year-old said Wednesday during an interview outside the visiting locker room at Verizon Center. "[The Wizards] called me while I was still in Phoenix and told me what the deal was. I just tried to take in stride from there. Try to keep a positive attitude and stay NBA ready."

The deal was Washington sported a roster with the maximum 15 guaranteed contracts. No room existed for a guard with a career 8.1 point per game average who played for the 2010 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

The Wizards needed Gortat's size to replace the injured Emeka Okafor. The other acquired pieces, including point guard Kendall Marshall, were needed because their contracts made the trade work. Washington will pay Brown $3.5 million this season.

"I know it's the business of basketball. I take it for what's it's worth," said Brown, who was waived by the Wizards on October 28.

Since then the 2006 first-round pick spent time with family, trying to stay "levelheaded" while "working out, staying in shape as much as possible."

Finally, the call came on Saturday as the Spurs signed him to a 10-day contract.

"And I appreciated it," said a grinning Brown, unable to contain his happiness about the current opportunity with the 2013 NBA Finalists. "A team of this caliber, championship team with a lot of respect around the league would call me and pull me to try and help their team. I'm going to try and make the most of the opportunity."

The opportunity never took place with the Wizards. Based on his constant smile and laughter during a conversation about that very topic, Brown apparently has no issue with that. Hey, as long those checks keep cashing...

Shannon, speaking of those checks, have you met the person in the Wizards organization responsible for sending them your way?

"I haven't met him yet," Brown said, "but I appreciate it."