Seth Meyers brings up LeBron James to Cavs owner

Seth Meyers brings up LeBron James to Cavs owner
March 14, 2014, 1:15 pm
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CSN, or rather NBC Sports, partners with Yahoo! for online content.

Yahoo! is the online host for the NCAA Tournament "Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge."

The two men behind the Billion dollars (along with insurers), famed investor Warren Buffett and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, went on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Thursday night to promote the contest.

Mentioning all of that on a CSN site, that's what you call synergy. 

Anyway, beyond letting know folks about or providing a reminder about the contest, we also want to let folks know that Meyers brought up the name LeBron James to the Cavs owner. You might remember James and Gilbert had a slight disagreement a few years ago. 

There has been some thought that James might be open for a return to his home state should he opt out of his current contract this off-season. Meyers equated the odds of that happening to actually picking a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket. Citing the NBA collective bargaining agreement, Gilbert passed on directly responding. 

Good stuff. Watch Meyers and the really rich guys talk below. Pick your bracket here starting Sunday. 

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