Report: Wittman never really on hot seat this season

Report: Wittman never really on hot seat this season
December 18, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Wizards all smiles as they prepare for Nets

Following the last second loss to the Wizards on Monday night, calls for the firing of Knicks coach Mike Woodson have intensified. As for the other head coach in the game, one report suggests Randy Wittman is not on the coaching hot seat no matter what odds makers might suggest.

Back in mid-November, listed Wittman as the most likely NBA coach to be fired. We're talking 2-1 favorite. Now, at that point the Wizards were 2-6. They would subsequently lose their next game as well. As we know, Washington rallied to even its record at 9-9, then drop four in a row before winning 102-101 in New York. The Wizards are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference standings and as we know, eight teams qualify for the playoffs.

The latest odds have Wittman dropping to third on the list at 9-2 behind Woodson (5-4) and Brooklyn's Jason Kidd (5-2). According to ESPN's Marc Stein, Wittman isn't really in the danger zone.

"The Wizards, while not quite living up to preseason expectations, have sufficiently rebounded from yet another slow start to the point that they're starting to look like what passes for a playoff team in the ugliest Leastern Conference in memory, which should get Wittman through the final year of his contract. Sources say, furthermore, that it's always been the preference of Wizards owner Ted Leonsis to complete the season without changing anything and then assess everything in the offseason with the deals of both Wittman and general manager Ernie Grunfeld expiring."

Honestly can't say this is stunning news, though if 2-7 starting looking more like another 5-28, changes might have come sooner than later. With the Wizards not only in reasonable position for the franchise's first playoff appearance since 2008, but to possibly make some noise in the postseason, no reason to rock the boat this season. What happens over the summer? That's when things figure to get interesting.


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