Randy Wittman's mom wants a John Wall update

Randy Wittman's mom wants a John Wall update
December 3, 2012, 10:30 am
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It's become a near daily dance following every practice session, the media covering the Washington Wizards on a regular basis asking Randy Wittman for a John Wall update. Apparently we are not alone.

Based on the original eight-week projection the team offered as training camp was set to start, the third-year point guard should be back...now, or yesterday or tomorrow, but soon. Well, that hasn't happened. Other than seeing fleeting glimpses of Wall working out on the practice court, the specifics on his progress have been light other than some version of he's making progress.

So, we keep asking, like we did following Sunday's practice. After receiving the update on Trevor Booker's knee that will keep the energy forward out at least a "couple of weeks" and why Nene didn't attend Sunday's session, we got around to asking about the number one pick in the 2010 draft.

“Until the doctor says he’s ready to go full bore. I don’t know what to tell you guys,” said Wittman, repeating his usual mantra about Wall - and done in good spirits despite the bummer of the situation. Clearly the coach of the 1-13 team wants his fast-breaking leader back. This time Wittman added a line for emphasis to show he's not simply deflecting.

Wittman said, “I’m serious. I tell my mom, ‘I don’t know.’ She asks me every day, too. ‘When’s John coming back?’ ‘I don’t know mom.’ ”

Not sure if Wittman's mom also asked about Nene, but the Brazilian big man sat out practice with an illness. “He was sick yesterday, feverish again today. It’s going down, but there was no need for him to run with it. He’ll have another day of practice [Monday].”

Wittman expects Nene back to play against Miami on Tuesday at the Verizon Center.

*As if the Wizards won't have enough issues facing the reigning NBA Champions, apparently the Heat are finding their defensive groove, per this ProBasketballTalk.com post. Miami currently ranks 20th in points allowed, surrrendreing 99.5 per game (Washington ranks 16th with 97.7). After a brief moment of joining all other 29 NBA teams by averaging at least 90 points per game, the Wizards have dipped back under that line to 89.4.