Pre-game warmup: Key Wizards will take it easy

Pre-game warmup: Key Wizards will take it easy
October 8, 2013, 3:00 pm
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PRE-GAME WARMUP … leading into Tuesday night's preseason tipoff between the Wizards and Nets at Verizon Center:

The way John Wall remembers it, preseason wasn't a cakewalk.

But entering his fourth season, and with an $80 million contract extension, the Wizards are more likely to play it safe with the face of the franchise and veterans such as Nene.

"Basically I haven't talked to him about it," Wall said of coach Randy Wittman. "I remember my rookie year I played every minute. I was about to pass out. As a rookie you can't say too much."

Wall missed the last two preseasons. He had a stress injury in his left knee last year and the NBA lockout erased it in 2011. 

"Get our main guys minutes, but it won’t be any type of regular season game minutes," Wittman said of the outlook.

The Wizards have spent most of their time practicing on the defensive end. Wittman expects the offensive sets to go through more rough spots.

"We’re going to be behind a little bit probably, but I’m not concerned with that. Like I said, a lot of things that we’re going to do, we’ll be doing offensively, they’re familiar with and should be able to incorporate quickly," he said. "The last couple of days, we’ve focused a little bit more offensively, so we’ll see how much will carry over."

Wall is looking forward to all the possibilities.

"Coaches trying out different lineups and seeing where you can play guys together, maybe me and Eric (Maynor) together, maybe having Trevor (Ariza) or Martell (Webster) playing the four," he said. "All different things you can do, you put those things that you work on, different plays into the mix of preseason."

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