Player season in review: Jordan Crawford

Player season in review: Jordan Crawford
May 1, 2012, 2:04 pm
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Jordan Crawford never met a shot he didn't like. The second-year volume shooting guard averaged 16 points a game in 32 starts this past season for the Wizards. In 32 games coming off the bench, Crawford averaged 13 points a game, showing he was better suited scoring the ball as a starter. But is Crawford's value with the Wizards higher going forward as a starter or as an offensive microwave coming off the bench?

That's still be determined but a lot will depend on Crawford's ability to improve his shot selection. At times this past season, Crawford was predictable on offense, getting the ball and only looking to shoot. Crawford shot just 40 percent from the field, often settling for deep jump shots.

Crawford went on a streak of scoring 20-plus points in seven straight games in March, but the Wizards won only one of those games. Crawford can shoot you in and can shoot you out of games.

Crawford was fantastic in a late April win over Milwaukee when he scored 32 points and added a huge three-pointer late to upset a Bucks team that still had hope for the playoffs.

When Crawford looked to get teammates involved, he wasobviouslybetter as a dual threat. Crawford also can handle the ball and could be used as back-up point guard to starter John Wall. Crawford and Wall had some nice hook-ups, particularly the alley-oop variety, when Crawford would hit Wall on the lob.

After a rookie season last year in which Crawford averaged 19 points as a starter with Nick Young injured, Crawford came in before the lockout-shortened season not sure of his role. When the Wizards traded Young in mid-season, Crawford had no one lookingoverhis shoulder and he was the team's starting 2 guard.

So it again begs the question, will Crawford be the starter next season? That likely hangs on what the Wizards do in the draft this summer. If they take a shooting guard, then Crawford will likely head back to the bench

What you can say about Crawford -- no matter what his role is -- is that he is a gamer and is clearly irritated by the Wizards' losing and tells it like it is. While you can question other playerscommitmentto winning, you can't do that with Crawford -- he wants to win.

Crawford may have too much confidence with his game and, while that's certainly an admirable trait, he must scale back his bad shots. If he can, Crawford can be a very solid shooting guard in the league. If not, he will spend a lot of time on the bench.