Oscar Schmidt jabs Wizards in HOF speech

Oscar Schmidt jabs Wizards in HOF speech
September 11, 2013, 12:15 am
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The Wizards hope they are moving toward a sincere playoff push this upcoming season. For now they apparently remain a useful punchline representing NBA futility, at least in the eyes of a newly minted basketball Hall of Famer.

Part of the 2013 class inducted on Sunday, famed Brazilian star Oscar Schmidt referenced the Wizards in his acceptance speech during a portion where he thanked people. (Watch the video here. The Wizards mention starts at 10:10)

“Then I must thank Cláudio Mortari,” Schmidt said. “This guy’s tough. This guy win wherever he goes. If he came to the Wizards, they win. Yes! I don’t know what championship he would win, but he’ll win.”

Zing! Laughter and groans followed, a grinning Pat Riley covered his face with his hands. Based on the last 25 years or so, jabbing the Wizards, sure, why not. Considering countryman Nene is one of the team's leading men and the Wizards are playing an upcoming exhibition game in Brazil, you'd think Schmidt could take a shot at the Bobcats or Timberwolves instead.

(h/t @rashad20D.C. SportsBog