Nene 'refreshed' but not at optimum health

Nene 'refreshed' but not at optimum health
September 27, 2013, 1:45 pm
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Could Wizards return to playoffs this season?

Nene already has an injury, but luckily it's just his left pinkie finger.

The Wizards' big man tweaked it in a scrimmage at Verizon Center, but otherwise is ready to start training camp that begins Saturday at George Mason University in nearby Fairfax, Va.

"Refreshed," Nene said when asked how he feels. "Not complete. Not totally healthy but refreshed and confident to do my job."

Injuries have long been a problem for Nene, who had soreness with his left foot that prevented him from starting last season and sore knees that relegated him to the bench to end it. 

"The summer helped a lot," Nene said. "I avoided contact and the hard floor. I didn't play basketball in the summer. It was the doctor's recommendation (to not) pound my body. I feel good."

He did play soccer because of the softer surface, but Nene's ability to stay healthy is even more important now that starting center Emeka Okafor is out indefinitely with a herniated disk in his neck. 

John Wall and Bradley Beal are expected to be better. The acquisitions of Eric Maynor and Al Harrington are expected to push this team to the next level, significantly above the 29 wins from a season ago. 

Nene, however, isn't willing to make any promises or guarantees

"I don't like to talk about how good we're going to be in the season because there's 82 games to play," Nene said. "We have a great roster right now."