Nene finds sleeping problematic during this respite

Nene finds sleeping problematic during this respite
May 2, 2014, 2:45 pm
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The battle scars for Nene can be seen on his left hand, where he has protective taping on his left pinkie finger that was injured in Game 5 vs. the Chicago Bulls. Lost in closing them out earlier in the week and preparing for the second round is this: Nene will have played just once in nine days until the first game of the next series which begins Monday.

The only question that remains, and will be answered by Game 7 Saturday, is if it'll be at the Indiana Pacers or the Atlanta Hawks. 

Still, Nene isn't getting much rest though his left knee, which still has a brace after he strained a ligament Feb. 23 that forced him to miss 21 games, could use the break. 

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"Especially to players who prepare themselves, its no rest. It's mental. I still don't sleep," said Nene, who was suspended for Game 4 of the Bulls series because of a fourth-quarter scuffle with Jimmy Butler. "I still think of what I'm going to do. I'm like that. I can't change myself. I sleep but not well because in the middle of the night things come up automatically in my mind.

"When a game starts it's not about rest. It's about who's prepared better."