NBA will not shorten its season again

NBA will not shorten its season again
May 9, 2012, 5:33 pm
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The condensed schedule of 66 games in fewer than 140 days produced more meaningful games when playoff seeds were still up for grabs. Television ratings also were up. On the flip side so were the injuries with Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard missing out on the playoffs.

But it wont happen again; because if it doesnt make dollars it doesnt make sense.

If you cut the season shorter, we cut our revenues significantly as well, said NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. Players would make less, so no, and I think its not optimal to play a condensed season in this fashion.

David Stern also echoed those comments telling the Mike & Mike radio show shortening the number of games in a season might take the reopening of the CBA.

The regular season is when revenue is generated from ticket sales, and sponsors pay for those 41 home games to reach those ticket buyers. Television contracts local and national pay for a full season. The players salaries were pro-rated this year to 66-games. Nobody made as much money as normal but they wanted to make as much as they could following the lockout, hence the condensed schedule.

But its not happening again. The owners and players want to get paid, and that means a full 82 games. Its about the money. Its always about the money.

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