NBA season predictions: How'd we do?

NBA season predictions: How'd we do?
June 15, 2014, 6:00 am
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It's easy to make predictions. It's potentially much harder on the soul to look back and score those predictions.

Way back when, like the day before Halloween, J. Michael and yours truly looked into our respective crystal balls and made various calls for the upcoming NBA season. With the 2013-14 campaign potentially just a few hours away from concluding, now is a good time to look back at those picks.

Southeast division order - We both had the exact same order, which means the wrong order. Heat and Wizards at the top, check. The Bobcats in the cellar, guess not. Apparently neither of us imagined Charlotte being an actual playoff threat. Al Jefferson probably didn't receive enough credit for his role in the stunning turnaround. The reward could come during the summer of 2015 when the power forward can opt out of his contract for another run at free agency.

Eastern Conference playoffs - Props to J. Michael for projecting the Pacers as Eastern Conference regular season champions and six of the eight teams that qualified for the postseason in the East (I went 5 of 8). My prediction of the Bulls running away with the East title ended once Derrick Rose's season ended. Still can't believe the Cavaliers were not even remotely in the playoff mix, but they weren't. No they weren't. As for the Wizards, our sixth place predictions would have been correct if the Nets didn't take a dive at the end.

Eastern finals: Seems comical now, but neither of us had the Heat actually representing the East in the NBA Finals. J. Michael went Indiana over Miami, I went with Chicago. Oh, Derrick Rose, what will happen to your once hotter-than-a-soccer-match-in-the-Amazon career.

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Western Conference playoffs: Some redemption comes my way as I had the Spurs claiming the regular season title and correctly predicted 7 of 8 playoff teams (Apparently I really believed that Kevin Love's season would actually extend for once). J. Michael called for a Clippers regular season title with the Spurs in second. He had 6 of 8 the playoff teams, missing with the Nuggets. We both overvalued Golden State and underrated Portland.

Western finals: I stuck with the Spurs and advanced them to the NBA Finals while J. Michael's call of the Clippers ran into obstacles along the way and I don't just mean Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in round two. The one constant in our picks? Both had the Warriors reaching but losing in the conference finals.

NBA finals: Hopefully I don't pull a muscle patting myself on the back, but I indeed had San Antonio winning its fifth title. At the moment they're one victory away from doing that. For a good chunk of the season it sure looked like J. Michael's selection of Indiana as 2014 champs was a brilliant one. Then, well, something happened. Still waiting for details from the autopsy.

MVP: Chris Paul for him, Derrick Rose for me. Paul, who had his injury issues, finished seventh in the voting. Rose played in 10 games.

ROY: Michael Carter-Williams essentially won the award when he finished an assist shy of a triple-double his first game. If we could have waited until that performance before submitting our picks, perhaps one or both of us take MCW. Instead I went Victor Oladipo, who finished second in the voting. Kelly Olynyk, J. Michael's pick, wasn't bad, but he wasn't Rookie of the Year either.

Click here for a look at all our picks. Monday we circle back on our Wizards season predictions.

So, how did we do? Let us know in the comments section which predictions you rocked this season and which ones seem now as inexplicable as Roy Hibbert's lack of scoring for games on end.