NBA not rolling up sleeves for 'Jingle Hoops'

NBA not rolling up sleeves for 'Jingle Hoops'
November 14, 2013, 6:45 pm
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While the diehards follow the NBA year round, it's said the general public starts tuning in on Christmas Day. With this knowledge in mind, the league and Adidas are tricking out the jerseys for those teams not get December 25 off. It's all about the sleeves.

All 10 teams, including the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder will don the sleeved-jerseys, on Christmas. Recently released photos showed the new look, but we get a look at the special edition uniforms in action with this musically-themed and basketball shooting commercial featuring Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, James Harden, Steph Curry and a mystery dunker*.

* It's not really a mystery and based on information posted above anyone can likely guess Mr. X. Since the reveal comes as a surprise, we'll let it remain one. Merry Christmas.

Maybe this is a "Get off my lawn" moment, but the sleeves don't do much for me. Of course, the marketers aren't exactly worried about the opinion of someone who hasn't bought a jersey from any sport since some time in 90's. 

No word if every team will go sleeves at some point this season. In other words, I have no special Wizards jersey to display here. Bah humbug.