Morning tip: Wall reserves flash for the court

Morning tip: Wall reserves flash for the court
October 30, 2013, 8:00 am
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Wall: "I can finally prove what I'm capable of"

WAKING UP with the Wizards on opening day as they shoot around this morning at The Palace of Auburn Hills before playing the Detroit Pistons (CSN, 7:30 ET). 

The goal is the playoffs, so much so that John Wall is writing "THE PLAYOFFS" on his Adidas Crazy Quick sneakers for every game this year. He even did it in preseason.

But unlike his cohorts, Wall envisions he'll look a lot different when walking into the arena on game day with national TV cameras following his every move and postseason success. There'll be no Capri pants and loafers minus socks like Dwyane Wade, or glasses without lenses a la Russell Westbrook. 

"That ain't me. I'll just stay the way I am. More business casual, suits and casual stuff. Things you'd wear to church, things like that. I like clear lenses but I can't do no lenses," Wall said. "That's Russell Westbrook's trend. That's what he started. Stylists are great. I don't have any problem with a stylist. But I really don't like nobody dressing me. People might help me pick out some stuff because I can't go to the store, but I don't like nobody putting my whole outfit together. It irks me."

Even Wall's jewelry is low key. He has one expensive Rolex, but it's not crusted in diamonds. He purchased a chain for himself and as a present for his closest friends valued at $10,000 each.

"My best friends, I call them my brothers. I had them made for all of us when we turned 21. That might be the flashiest thing I have. That was my gift to them," Wall said. "It was nothing major. I don't like those big pieces." 

In other words, no medallions the size of hubcaps and dinner plates worn in the 1980s by rap icons such as LL Cool J or the four-finger rings of Slick Rick. 

Everyone knows by now that Wall signed a five-year, $80 million extension before the season. There's no need to flaunt it. He'll keep the flash confined to the basketball court.