Morning tip: Seraphin cuts down turnovers

Morning tip: Seraphin cuts down turnovers
October 22, 2013, 8:00 am
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WAKING UP with the Wizards, who play at the Detroit Pistons tonight for their sixth exhibition game with the regular season exactly a week away. …

Kevin Seraphin is trying to keep it basic. Going into his fourth season, the backup center started two games when Nene was out and has gone back to being a reserve.

He drew coach Randy Wittman's ire on the bench last week when he only had one rebound in a victory vs. the Miami Heat, the only for the Wizards, in 21 minutes of play. 

Since then, Seraphin has rebounded, literally, with seven in a loss to the New York Knicks and nine in a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Offense has taken a back seat. 

"He was," Seraphin confirmed about Wittman, who could be seen going at him verbally on the bench. "He wants the best for me. He was talking to me about this part of the game, my shot selection, and rebounding is a big part of this. We've been working all this summer." 

Seraphin likely will come off the bench while Nene plays center when the regular season starts and Emeka Okafor (herniated disk) recovers. He could easily play starter's minutes. 

"Mek is out now. It's (about) rebounding, defense," said Seraphin, alluding to Okafor's most significant attributes that he's trying to replicate. "(To be a) big-time player, if I want to show it at this level, I need to do that first."

He believes he did at least one thing well vs. Miami. 

"I had a bad game. I didn't have many rebounds but defensively I was good against Miami," Seraphin said. 

Passing out of the low post still can a problem. But after 10 turnovers in his first three games, he only has three in his last two. 

"It's not bothering me like before. I'm still working on it like everyday," Seraphin said. "We do drills. We do all this stuff. I still need to get better on it. 

"I'll take my time. For sure, I'm a better player."

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