Maynor undecided on Wall vs. Westbrook

Maynor undecided on Wall vs. Westbrook
September 28, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Eric Maynor, in his first year with the Wizards, likes what he sees in his teammate John Wall.

He'll the backing up Wall this season at point guard, but now that he has practiced with him for the past month he still has a question. 

"I was telling somebody the other day, I'm trying to figure out who's faster," Maynor said of Wall vs. Russell Westbrook. 

Maynor has spent most his career, almost four seasons, playing with Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

At this moment, as the Wizards begin training camp Saturday at George Mason University in nearby Fairfax, Va., that answer would be Wall. 

Westbrook is still recovering from knee surgery. 

"I need to know who's faster between those two because they're both so fast, it's crazy," Maynor said.