Marcin Gortat can't worry about posterizations

Marcin Gortat can't worry about posterizations
February 10, 2014, 12:00 pm
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Quincy Acy only made one field goal in 15 minutes for the Sacramento Kings, but boy it was emphatic. Wizards center Marcin Gortat found out the hard way that the 6-7 forward can do one thing very well -- and according to John Wall, only one thing based on his AAU experience -- on the offensive end. That's dunk. He's so good at it, Wall recalled, that Acy once made a 7-footer cry from repeated embarrassments. 

There were no tears from Gortat, who hurt his thumb earlier this season when Josh Smith of the Detroit Pistons flushed one through his block attempt.

Gortat, who stands 6-11, challenged Acy in the third quarter at 3:17. It was a high-flying, thunderous assault on the rim, and the Kings cut the deficit to 73-58 en route to what eventually would be just a four-point game on two occasions in the fourth. It happened in front of the Wizards' bench, and Nene and Trevor Booker could be seen among those leaning back on impact.

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That was payback for what Gortat did on offense on the previous play. He drop-stepped to the baseline on Acy, got the layup, the foul and made the free throw to complete a three-point play. 

Still, the Wizards pulled it out 94-83. Gortat's face was sore afterward, but it didn't have anything to do with Acy's dunk. He was struck in a scrum for a loose ball with DeMarcus Cousins. 

"That happens if you're going to be a shot-blocker," Wall said. "That's a good thing to see him even challenge it. Sometimes, I think, March gets nervous in challenging because you don't want to get dunked on. But when you're that tall and you're a center you got to be the protector around the paint."