Losing too routine for Wizards

Losing too routine for Wizards
January 2, 2013, 3:45 pm
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The losing has become so routine for the Wizards that the question seemed worth posing.

How hard is it to keep a positive mindset when you’ve lost 25 of your first 29 games?

“Actually, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be, personally,” Wizards 19-year-old rookie Bradley Beal said following the Wizards’ 103-94 loss to the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night.

“I mean, yes, I hate losing, but like everybody says, you still have a million more games to play. That’s my mindset.

“We lose, yeah, I hate it. But I can’t hold a grudge because we play [Wednesday] night. That can’t carry over to the next game because it could affect your play. I just put it behind me and focus on the next game.”

For the Wizards, the next game is Wednesday night in Indiana against the Pacers, who lead the Central Division with an 18-13 record and have already handed the Wizards two losses this season.

“They’re big inside,” Beal said, referring to 7-foot-2, 280-pound center Roy Hibbert and 6-foot-9, 250-pound forward David West. “We’ve got to really box out and rebound and take care of the ball and get stops.

“That’s the main thing. Our offense is there. We can score the ball and pass the ball, but it’s up to us to get stops at the other end.”

Wizards veteran center Nene said the one difference he noticed Tuesday night between the Wizards and Mavericks was the way the Mavs’ experience overshadowed the Wizards’ inexperience.

“When you have experience, when you have a cool head, it makes a huge difference,” he said. “We start getting nervous when we lose the ball, when they pressure, when they double. That will lose the game.”

Nene said he hopes the Wizards come out “angry” against the Pacers and that they shake the reputation as being the worst team in the NBA.

“I hope we have a different result,” he said. “We can change it, so let’s be ready for the game.”

Bobble head mishap: Following Tuesday night’s game, a fan threw a Bradley Beal giveaway bobble head to the court. The toy did not hit anyone, but broke into pieces when it hit the floor.

Beal said he thinks the bobble head bears a close resemblance to him.

“It does a little bit,” he said. “I actually like it.”