Lob pity: Wall cautious about getting dunked on

Lob pity: Wall cautious about getting dunked on
March 11, 2013, 1:45 pm
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Coach Randy Wittman preaches help defense to his team, but he shouldn't expect point guard John Wall to assume the risk taken by Brandon Knight any time soon.

Knight, a point guard for the Detroit Pistons, was on the short end of a highlight-reel dunk Sunday night when he played against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Chris Paul floated a lob from the three-point line to the middle, and as the defense rotated Knight was caught in a mismatch with DeAndre Jordan, a 6-11 center who can jump out of the building. The result is the best dunk of the NBA season, and Knight ended up on his back in the process.

“That’s what I woke up to,” Wall said of seeing the replays Monday morning. “That’s why you don’t help side sometimes. I feel for anybody in that’s in that situation. You’re doing what you’re supposed to, but he just got caught in a bad situation.”

When Wall left Kentucky to come to the NBA in 2010, Knight followed him to play for the Wildcats. He won’t be following in Knight’s footsteps. 

Know your opponent, and the Clippers, who also have a high-flying power dunker in Blake Griffin, aren't called “Lob City” for nothing.

“Not against that team. That team, you can’t help,” Wall said. “You know they got him (Jordan) and Blake that’s jumping. You can’t help against those guys.”

Wizards center Emeka Okafor tried not to be too harsh about it. 

"The fact that he’s a guard saves him. If he was a big man, then I think it would've been a little bit more embarrassing," he said of Knight. "You remove Knight from that dunk, and it’s still an amazing dunk so the fact that he just got caught, it’s the game. Everybody has been dunked on. I've been dunked on."