Leonsis addresses leak delays, latest Wizards loss

Leonsis addresses leak delays, latest Wizards loss
January 12, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Rain, roof leak delay Wizards-Rockets game

The Wizards' latest game, a 114-107 loss to the Houston Rockets, involved more than Washington falling to 0-4 at the Verizon Center in 2014. Twice leaks sprung from the roof, leading to total delays of 57 minutes. Wizards owner Ted Leonsis addressed the wet matter on Sunday afternoon via his "Ted's Take" blog

"Thank you for your patience last night as we experienced a building maintenance issue - a leak in our roof. The two delays were created by dripping water on the court, and a wet floor creates potential safety issues for the players. Player and fan safety are always foremost in our minds. The NBA, our employees, and frankly our ownership group and I were all in constant communication during the delays. I am proud of the work done by our staff to fix the issue.

"We have staff working all day today to make sure this issue doesn't occur again.

"Our staff worked very efficiently to identify where the leaks were. And we always have staff on hand that are experienced with issues such as this. We also literally had to get atop of the roof outside to see what the issues were. The big freeze this past week might have created a small fissure in roofing materials, and as the rain came on and some ice was melting, some water was able to seep in. 

"There were also staff up in the rafters and on the catwalks doing inspections and they were able to create a short term fix  via some temporary tarp installation that stopped the leaks."

Leonsis also turned to the game itself, one in which Washington trailed by 25 points, then rallied for a late five-point lead only to see the Rockets close with a winning 17-5 run. The Wizards finished 5 of 19 from beyond the 3-point arc.

Leonsis: "As to the game, we dug a deep hole ourselves by our performance during the second and some of the third period. ...We rallied as a team and when we ran and attacked the rim. We were very productive, but when we again started to settle for long jump shots at game's end, they didn't fall and we came up short again at home. ...It was an odd game."

Yes, yes, it was.