LeBron's cramping brings out the funny and Hater-ade

LeBron's cramping brings out the funny and Hater-ade
June 6, 2014, 10:45 am
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Well that was interesting.

San Antonio's 110-95 Game 1 victory over the Miami Heat included the rallying Spurs shooting a blistering 14 of 16 from the field during the fourth quarter. Another display of beautiful basketball from Gregg Popovich's crew, but really, that's the not story, not the one most talked about postgame.

The air conditioning inside the AT&T Center went kablooey, leading to stuffy conditions, indoor temperatures and LeBron James suffering leg cramps so severe that the league's best player sat out the final minutes.

That cramping situation also led to the latest war of words over the polarizing James with defenders and trolls out in full force plus countless others chiming in on the situation involving a certain Powerade pitchman.

Even Jonathan Martin, as in the Miami Dolphins hazing Jonathan Martin weighed in.


(Deadspin captured the image of the second tweet before it was deleted)

With that said... C'mon bruh. Drink a Gatorade & get out there

— JM (@J_Martin71) June 6, 2014

* 38-year-old Tim Duncan led the Spurs with 21 points on 9 of 10 shooting and matched teammate Boris Diaw with a team-high 10 rebounds. Per Elias Sports, Duncan is the oldest player to lead his team in scoring in an Finals win since Kareem Abbdul-Jabbar in 1987 - at 40. 

No doubt this series is a major moment for James' legacy, but a title would be Duncan's fifth. Among contemporaries, that would match Kobe Bryant and move one ahead of Shaquille O'Neal. Perhaps another ring would finally lead to a proper and engaged discussion about where Duncan ranks among the all-time greats. Either way, but especially with one for the thumb, let that discussion start around No. 5 all-time.

*Speaking of Diaw, this ProBasketballTalk article perfectly captures why the versatile forward is quietly becoming most-essential Spur in NBA Finals. Cliff notes: Diaw finished plus-30 despite scoring only two points. 

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