'LeBroning' is a thing, has gone viral and is awesome

'LeBroning' is a thing, has gone viral and is awesome
January 14, 2014, 3:30 pm
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The act of walking into a random person and flopping to the ground has become an internet hit. Really? Yes, really and it's all thanks to inspiration from one LeBron James. This is "LeBroning"

Via ProBasketballTalk, here is an example of James himself producing an award-winning fall following contact.

Like with most internet fads like the Harlem Shake or Tebowing, one's mileage may vary depending on the width and breadth of the burgeoning LeBroning trend. For now, call me a fan. Seeing as James, who visits the Verizon Center Wednesday night as the Wizards host the Heat, likely keeps up with the pratfalls, this one could have some staying power.