John Wall hints at participating in next Slam Dunk contest

John Wall hints at participating in next Slam Dunk contest
February 17, 2013, 11:30 am
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The 2013 NBA All-Star dunk contest has come and gone with Toronto's Terrence Ross rising above - or at least outlasting - all others. Others is a good term for the largely anonymous group of skywalkers.

Truth is the event hardly soared even though Ross and Denver's Kenneth Faried flushed home a few crafty rim-rattlers. Ultimately there were far too many misses on the court - along with far too many unknowns actually doing the dunking while the famous ballers watched and cackled from the front row.

Everyone knows the dunk contest needs fixing and the day after, lots of suggestions are being offered. Just one is needed.

Get the league's stars, the one we discuss 365/24/7 in the mix.

After the contest via Twitter, at least one NBA notable dipped his toe into possibly participating in such dunking waters, the Wizards' own John Wall.

Anyone interested in the the dunk contest loves this thought, outside of perhaps a certain injury-leery owner, coach and team president.

Not to go all Star Wars on you but John, seriously, you and your starry friends are our only hope.

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