Jan Vesely's historically quick NBA exit

Jan Vesely's historically quick NBA exit
July 22, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Jan Vesely, the 6th selection in the 2011 draft, isn't the first NBA player to take exit the league for whatever the reason. Few, very few drafted in the top six have ever left so quickly.

After two trying seasons with the Wizards, Vesely went to the Nuggets prior to the league trading deadline this past campaign. Now the 6-foot-11 forward is reportedly headed overseas, Turkey specifically to join one of the top European teams. At this point, Vesely's NBA career ends after three seasons.

According to Dan Feldman with ProBasketballTalk.com, if we assume Vesely never returns to the NBA, he will be one of just seven players drafted in the top six to spend three or fewer seasons in the NBA since the NBA-ABA merger.

Realize that list includes Len Bias, who tragically died due to a drug overdose before ever playing in the league, and Jay Williams, whose career ended after one season following a motorcycle accident. In fact, of those on the list, only James Ray the fifth pick put of Jacksonville in 1980, had his NBA career end as quickly without drugs or injury playing a factor.

Check out the entire list here as you try and wrap your brain around those factoids. Maybe Vesely returns stateside one day. Confidence has been his biggest enemy in the NBA. I promise you I've seen the career 41 percent free throw shooter make 10 or more in a row during practice. When the lights turn on, that version disappears.

For Jan's sake, hopefully he finds his form in Europe. There are reasons to believe he will and maybe then he'll return to the NBA. Until then, he stays on the short stay list.