Imagining NBA teams with toys during Christmas

Imagining NBA teams with toys during Christmas
December 19, 2013, 2:30 pm
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The premise is simple: Imagining the Wizards and other NBA teams with toys during Christmas

*The Wizards rarely have a full collection of toys because one or more is broken at all times

*The Bulls best toy sadly always needs new parts so their thinking of selling all the other toys while the good one gets fixed.

*The Celtics are in no rush to use all their toys in the hopes of getting better toys next year

*The Heat are bored with their toys unless their appropriate for May and June weather

*The Knicks set their toys on fire

*The Rockets crunched numbers to determine which toys to acquire

*The Spurs use Lego's to build structurally sound and occasionally award winning square buildings with international decor flair.

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*The Hawks have some decent toys, but nobody is interested in watching them in action

*The Clippers have thrilling toys everyone wants to play with, but nobody is sure if all the pieces are tough enough to last through the spring.

*The Raptors are giving away their most expensive toys in the hopes of getting better toys next year

*The Nets thought they bought a great collection of vintage toys, but lack the expertise to use them correctly

*The Thunder has the most exhilarating pair of toys though some of the accessories remain sketchy

*The Cavs have hip toys, but by the spring it appears they'll just end up playing with ping pong balls again

*The Wizards eat cerreal while playing with their toys

*The Lakers inherited a Ferrari as a gift, but dad doesn't know how to drive it (h/t @ldrabick)

*The Trail Blazers surprisingly have the hottest toys, but nobody is sure if they're just trendy

*The Nuggets biggest haul of toys came from New York

*The Pacers don't buy the coolest toys, but then later everyone else covets what they selected

*The Mavericks have the best locker room in which to play with their toys

*The Jazz already lost some of their best toys in the hopes of getting better toys next season

*The Pistons have the most physically imposing toys

*The Warriors' best toys work extremely well outside

*The Sixers have no defense when it comes to stopping people from playing with their toys

*The Timberwolves love their toys, but they're going to keep their best one for only four years rather than five.

*The Magic have intriguing toys following a masterful swap, but it will take another year or two before they're really worth much

*The Bucks didn't think their toys would suck, but they do.

*The Suns have doubles of all their toys

*The Nuggets purchased many of their toys from New York 

*The Wizards prefer assembling their toys in the corner

*The Grizzlies have the same quality toys but no longer the instruction manual on how best to use them.

*The Kings worked hard to not have their toys shipped to Seattle

*The Bobcats most interesting toy doesn't play anymore