Hibbert joins Wall as East reserve; Lowry snubbed?

Hibbert joins Wall as East reserve; Lowry snubbed?
January 30, 2014, 7:00 pm
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(Richard Mackson/USA TODAY Sports)

In case you missed the breaking news, the Eastern Conference coaches selected Wizards point guard John Wall to his first All-Star team on Thursday.

They tabbed others for reserve spots as well.

DeMar DeRozen (Toronto Raptors) and Joe Johnson (Brooklyn Nets) join Wall in the East's backcourt along with starters Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) and Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers).

The other reserves fall under the big man category, including 7-foot-2 former Georgetown star Roy Hibbert (Indiana Pacers). Chris Bosh (Miami Heat), Paul Millsap (Atlanta Hawks) and Joakim Noah (Chicago Bulls) round out the roster. 

Miami Heat star LeBron James, the top vote-getter among the All Stars, Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) and Paul George (Indiana Pacers) were announced as starters last week.

That's a cool crew and largely deserving, though the high-priced Johnson and his modest 15.7 points per game average is rather sketchy.

As for those legitimately or arguably snubbed, the modest list probably starts with point guard Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors), though that's not to infer he should be in over Wall. Another point guard, sure. Many thought Pacers' acrobatic forward Lance Stephenson was a lock or at least deserving for lock consideration. Apparently not. Jeff Teague (Atlanta Hawks) is yet another point guard with a worthy résumé who will be watching instead of playing in the game. Same for Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) and Arron Afflao (Orlando Magic).

The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be played at the New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16 (8:00 p.m., ET), and will be televised on TNT.