Gortat's retweet roils portions of Wizards fan base

Gortat's retweet roils portions of Wizards fan base
June 14, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Marcin Gortat simply liked someone's photoshop work.

Earlier this week the Wizards center retweeted a photo created by a fan of Gortat in an NBA uniform. The thing is, the uniform wasn't Washington's red, white and blue. Instead, the Boston Celtics green. There was a caption with the pic: "@MGortat can this happen before you retire :-) #PolishHammer !

Those words, that picture and the retweet from the man in the middle apparently made some locals lose their mind - and send messages of disbelief Gortat's way. Among the comments left under the aforementioned photoshop, "glad to see you are loyal to the @WashWizards smh" and "that's horrible Marcin" and other messages I'll refrain from posting here. 

Gortat's own Twitter timeline became jammed with fears and thoughts about what the retweet could mean even though Washington's leading rebounder and shot blocker previously indicated at different times his interest in returning to the Wizards. The big man responded to those fears and thoughts.

While fans and pundits should indeed avoid jumping to conclusions over every tweet an NBA player, even those heading into free agency, types out for all his followers to read, that last one should make Wizards fans feel a little better, right?

Meanwhile, Gortat was back to his retweeting ways on Saturday. Once again, another team is mentioned. Wizards nation should be OK with this one, though I'm not exactly sure about those other people in the pic.