Gortat to Obama: Enjoy Poland, come out for Wizards game

Gortat to Obama: Enjoy Poland, come out for Wizards game
June 2, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Marcin Gortat is a native of Poland, something I suspect most of those that follow the Wizards or the NBA know by now. As the only current player in the league from his country, the imposing big man accepts and embraces the "huge responsibility" of representing the European nation

Apparently that includes a video message to President Barack Obama, who is visiting Poland this week. Along with welcoming Obama to his homeland, Gortat also extended an invitation to visit the place where he works, a certain large arena in Chinatown that's not that far from a certain White House.

“Welcome to Poland Mr. President,” Gortat begins. “I’m Marcin Gortat from Washington Wizards, and I’m glad you find some time to visit my home country, where I was born and raised. I hope you’re gonna have a wonderful time, you’re gonna have some time to discover beautiful places in our country and you’re gonna learn some history. After that, I would like to see you at the basketball game in Washington. Don’t forget, we have a brand new team, a lot of new challenges and we are back in playoffs. See you at the game.”

We know that Obama will be in D.C. when the NBA starts in late October. Perhaps this is another indicator Gortat will be as well, or not.

(h/t @bulletsforever)