Gooden will accept another 10-day deal

Gooden will accept another 10-day deal
March 7, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Whether or not the Wizards will attempt to retain Drew Gooden with another 10-day contract isn't in question. As CSN Washington reported Thursday, they're going to offer him a second 10-day deal. It's all up to Gooden if he'll accept it and the Wizards, he said Friday, are No. 1 on his list.

He could opt to go elsewhere, if there are any suitors with the playoffs a little more than a month away. After the second deal is completed March 18, the Wizards have to offer him a contract for the rest of the season or let him become a free agent again. 

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"I definitely would," Gooden said of accepting another offer after his first 10-day deal runs its course after Saturday's game at the Milwaukee Bucks. "You hear a lot of stories about there's no loyalty but the Wizards ... gave me the opportunity. Why wouldn't I stay here?"

Gooden received a nameplate for his locker on Tuesday, which suggested he wouldn't be going anywhere soon. 

"For them giving me a chance to kind of redeem myself, rejuvenate myself as a player, I don't forget things like that. If it ever came down the line that there's another team that wants me, I believe the Wizards would be my first choice."