Final draft lottery odds coming Friday

Final draft lottery odds coming Friday
April 19, 2013, 6:15 am
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At some point on Friday, a tiebreaking procedure of some sort will take place, determining whether the Wizards will have the 7th or 8th best odds for landing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery. Washington (29-53) ended the season tied with the Detroit Pistons. If the previous results are any indicator (and they're not), the Wizards are in trouble; the Pistons won the season series 4-0. The fact that Detroit could win every game and move in front the Wizards, that would just be rude.

Ultimately the odds difference between seven (4.3%) and eight (2.8%) is minimal, but that's only in context of the No. 1 pick. Win the tiebreaker and if the current order remains in tact, the Wizards pick seventh, not eighth. The Orlando Magic have the best odds at 25 percent.

If you buy's current rankings* as the gospel (which I don't), Georgetown's Otto Porter Jr. is the No. 7 overall prospect. Depending on whether the Wizards can re-sign Martell Webster will determine whether a small forward is their top offseason priority.

During Thursday's exit interviews with the media, several players including John Wall stated the team could use a scoring threat behind wing guard Bradley Beal and a power forward with shooting range. Finding those type of players in the top of this draft might be an issue. Kansas' Ben McLemore might be the only scoring guard projected inside the top 10, and he's a potential No. 1 overall pick. Maryland's Alex Len, a potential stretch-four in the pros, could be an option for the Wizards at seven or eight.

All of this could be moot if the Wizards trade the pick. Several players and Wizards coach Randy Wittman embraced the idea of adding a veteran player and trading the first round selection may be the only way to add one with any substance.

*While the overall list looks reasonable, DraftExpress ranks Indiana center Cody Zeller as the fifth overall prospect. All it takes is for one team to agree with that assessment, but that rank is a bit high for my taste (by the way, "a bit high" is code for I'd pass on drafting Zeller in the top 10).

Porter would be no less than fourth on my list (that is if one existed. In time, in time). Len is listed as the No. 10 overall prospect, a slot (in my opinion) he likely surpasses come draft day.