Exit strategy for Blatche?

Exit strategy for Blatche?
July 11, 2012, 3:01 pm
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There's absolutely no question that Andray Blatche has played his last game for the Wizards. What is still to be determined, though, is on what terms will Blatche go out?

Wizards management has until July 17 to decide the veteran forwards fate, but their options are very limited when it comes to parting ways with the 26-year old. The Wizards really have only three possible solutions with Blatche. They can trade, amnesty or actually keep Blatche, but deactivate him and tell him to stay away when training camp starts.

The most obvious move for the Wizards is to amnesty Blatche and eat the final three years and roughly 24 million on his remaining contract. It would be an expensive move, but for the development and growth of this young team that has playoff aspirations for next season, it's well worth it to let Blatche go via the amnesty clause.

Could the Wizards actually be able to trade the 6'-11" power forward this summer? That's the faint hope the Wizards are holding out for, but that's a long shot at best because Blatche's stock has never been lower after a disappointing season in which he missed more than 20 games because he was too out of shape and averaged only 8 points a game.

Blatche, who has struggled his entire career with his weight, was basically deactivated for his lack of conditioning for the final one-third of last season. It was another issue to add to the laundry list of problems that Blatche has had on and off the court in his eight-year career.

Blatche has been plagued by over promising and underproducing on the court, particularly his last two seasons in Washington. The Wizards know that if they want to turn the corner and stop being lottery bound, they can't have him on the team. The Wizards realize they are much better off not having Blatche on the roster. They just have to figure out how to make that happen and it has to be sooner rather than later.