Ex-Hoya and Indy center Hibbert 'as good as it gets'

Ex-Hoya and Indy center Hibbert 'as good as it gets'
February 16, 2014, 1:30 am
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Roy Hibbert isn't just Georgetown's latest NBA All-Star. The 7-foot-2 center from Big Man U isn't just a game-changing presence for the Eastern Conference-leading Indiana Pacers. He's also not just a player getting photobombed by the Wizards' mascot G-Wiz during an interview in New Orleans.

Hibbert is also, "good people and Roy is as good as it gets," says John Thompson III, his former college coach.

"I'm sure the most of the Pacers would say the same thing: Roy is as good of a teammate as you can have" Thompson said shortly after Hibbert was selected to his second All-Star game. "He gives all of himself to whatever organization, team and unit that he's a part of. It was really good to hear about it."

Most of the NBA community only knows of Hibbert since the Pacers acquired him with the 17th pick in the 2008 draft. More specifically, as the final wall for the league's top defense whom also averages 12 points, eight rebounds and 2.5 blocks this season. The D.C. area native will join Indiana teammate Paul George and Washington Wizards guard John Wall as the East battles the West in Sunday night's 63rd All-Star game.

Those with a social media bent are also familiar with Hibbert's Twitter antics which including responding to the occasional troll. There was also a comedic turn on NBC's Parks and Recreation.

Not everyone has heard about his legendary couldn't walk and chew gum like takes. Hibbert didn't arrive on the Hilltop as a finished product. Heck, he didn't arrive with the ability to run with ease. However, through practice and patience, through diligent work and listening to his basketball teachers, Hibbert made the leap, several of them in fact.

"He puts in the work. He's not content which is why Roy will continue to get better," Thompson said. "He's gotten better, every year he's gotten better from the first day he worked out here. That will continue to happen. He's committed to himself, to the game of basketball."