Catching up on Wizards' summer plans

Catching up on Wizards' summer plans
June 18, 2014, 5:45 pm
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By Peter Hailey

With the NBA Finals concluding a few days ago, all NBA players are now officially on "summer vacation." The Wizards, however, finished up their season about a month ago, and after a grueling 82 game regular season, plus 11 more tough games in the playoffs, they are probably enjoying some much needed time off.

Ever wonder what your favorite Wiz players do when they don't have to report to the Verizon Center day in and day out? Well, some players are kind enough to keep fans up to speed on what they're doing through Twitter. Trevor Ariza, for instance, has spent some of his offseason showing support for the US National Team, and even telling a Ghana fan to "chill son":

Kevin Seraphin, meanwhile, has spent a lot of his time playing Playstation. The Wizards forward invites his followers to play FIFA online against him, and according to his tweets, he hasn't had too much trouble racking up the victories. He seems willing to take on any and all challengers, so feel free to step up and take him on. 

One half of the Wizards stellar young backcourt is actively promoting his upcoming youth basketball camp. Bradley Beal sent out a picture showing that his camp will start in early July. 

John Wall, on the other hand, has spent some time on the gridiron. He recently appeared at Robert Griffin III's football camp at Anacostia High School, and apparently teamed up with MC Hammer for some long touchdown passes. Perhaps Wall is thinking of using his blazing speed for another purpose?

Among the busiest wizards is Marcin Gortat. First, he congratulated his head coach Randy Wittman for his new contract on June 2nd. Next, he cleaned his nice set of wheels on June 10th. And most recently, he departed for a trip to his home country of Poland on June 15th.

Last but not least, there's Al Harrington (who may have the team's best twitter handle, "cheddahcheese7") who is sad because he doesn't quite know what to watch now that there are no NBA games on. Luckily for him, tons of big shows and movies are set to run this summer. Cheer up Al!