Bradley Beal isn't a big fan of Chicago-style pizza

Bradley Beal isn't a big fan of Chicago-style pizza
April 22, 2014, 2:45 pm
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CHICAGO -- Given that Bradley Beal is affectionately called Big Panda by his teammates because of his appetite, you'd think he'd be all over some deep dish pizza, a city staple on menus everywhere.

Nope. Beal doesn't have problem with the pizza itself, but the thick breading -- usually which is soaked in grease -- doesn't agree with him. He passed on the chance to have more than a bite of some at dinner this week. 

"I can't eat the fat pie, whatever it's called, the deep dish pizza," he said before Tuesday's shootaround going into Game 2 with the Chicago Bulls. "I can't eat that. I had the regular thin one. I didn't eat a lot (of the deep dish). It'll just sit there (in your stomach) and you'll be in the bathroom for hours."

Again, Beal proves to be knowledgeable beyond his years because he's absolutely correct. Thin crust or nothing. 

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