Bill Walton on Gilbert Arenas: He's lost his mind

Bill Walton on Gilbert Arenas: He's lost his mind
January 13, 2014, 2:00 pm
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Former UCLA legend Bill Walton has become quite famous for his diatribes as part of his gig announcing college basketball games for ESPN, and last week during the Bruins game against Arizona proved no exception. With Arizona ranked No. 1 in the land and playing in Los Angeles, former Wildcat and Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas was in attendance.

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The fall from grace for Arenas is well-documented, from real guns in the locker to finger guns in a team huddle, and now Arenas is out of pro basketball. Walton, when the camera showed Arenas in the crowd, said simply, "Gilbert lost his mind." His television partner gave Walton the chance to backpedal, but that hardly happened. "Life is a series of choices, and we wish Gilbert well," was all Walton offered.

Arenas certainly made a litany of mistakes, but Walton, famous for attending numerous Grateful Dead shows, might not be the best judge of sanity.