Arenas talks NBA comeback, end with Wiz

Arenas talks NBA comeback, end with Wiz
December 13, 2013, 10:45 am
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Gilbert Arenas hasn't played in an NBA game since April 2012, even though the baller also known as Agent Zero is still getting paid a salary with plenty of zeroes.

The ex-Wizard claims he's not done yet. Yes, Arenas claims he's on the comeback trail.

During a Q&A with Bleacher Report, Arenas talked like Arenas talks, meaning lots of randomness about random things. For those the purposes of this space, I pulled out the portions related to his NBA hopes and the Wizards:

B/R: Is there anything else you see yourself pursuing down the line, in or outside the game of basketball?

Gilbert Arenas: Yeah, right now I'm just developing apps. Next summer, I'm going to train really hard and then try to make a team. I'm going to try to come back.

B/R: What would you tell NBA teams about what you can still bring to the table?

GA: I would rather just show them. All they would have to do is give me an opportunity to perform in front of them. You know, I'm a gamer. I work hard. If I'm going to come to your team, or try out for your team, I'm going to give you my all. That's what I did [when I played].

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If you take away the last few years, from my last year in Washington, and you think about my career, there was nothing but hard work. I was in the gym three or four times a day, working on my skills. If we lost a game, and I thought I played bad, I'm staying in the gym to keep shooting. That's what I did. That's what I was known for: I was a gym rat.

I made a mistake, and that's what we all do.

B/R: Do you think there is any NBA team in particular right now that could really use you and what you would bring?

GA: I know the Knicks—I've watched them. They need a lot of help; they need scoring. 'Melo [Carmelo Anthony] needs an outlet. Someone who can just put the ball in the basket and take the pressure off him.

I [also] called Jason Kidd before the season and said 'Listen, I feel that I can be better than some of the players you're going to have.' But they were already stacked to the brim. I thought I would've been great coming off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets.

With Derrick Rose being down, Chicago could use some more scoring. They're struggling a little bit.

I guess the Lakers, with Steve Nash out. I think I could've made that squad, because that's who I was working out with before training camp started. I was playing pretty well there. But they had 15 players, so...

B/R: How do you think your career would have been different had you not suffered any serious injuries, or if there hadn't been any of that drama in Washington?

GA: I try not to do the fantasy thing. If I didn't get hurt, what would I be? Who knows? When I look back on my career, from the hard work I put in, I got everything I deserved.

The thing that happened in Washington—it happened. All you can do is just grow from it. That took a toll on me. That was probably—I think if I could've bounced mentally out of that situation faster than I did, I would probably still be in the NBA. But since I couldn't understand why they were trying to treat me like that, I basically gave up. I just didn't want to be a part of it anymore. I never really tried anymore. I just basically gave up.