Animated LeBron fears Wizards in 'Game of Zones'

Animated LeBron fears Wizards in 'Game of Zones'
May 25, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Things I meant to post last week that still work for a lazy holiday weekend: This tremendous animated Game of Thrones themed video about the NBA playoffs, "Game of Zones". All the expected notables are here, meaning LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Gregg Popovich and even an injured Derrick Rose.

The oddity? Mentions of John Wall and the Washington Wizards in a "these guys pose a threat" kind of way. 

I'm not a Game of Thrones viewer (Been busy covering sports and such. One day.) so some references escape me, but I've watched the video umpteen times by now and done so with glee. From Kevin Love lamenting a life of ping pong balls to Chris "Dragon" Bosh to hunchback Carlos Boozer to Russell Westbrook freaking out about the zombie Spurs, this is high quality entertainment.

As for the Wizards part, skip ahead to the 30-second mark. We never see any of the locals, but the LeBron character expresses his fear about them. "The Wizards are getting stronger. John Wall is no longer a boy - and they're coming for our rings," he states* to "Lord" Pat Riley who replies who why should they be afraid of "some scrubs from Washingfell."

(*) Based on the Wizards reference and no mention of the Pacers, guessing someone wrote the script after Game 1 of the Washington-Indiana series.

Enough with the tease. Watch the video. Enjoy the sunny weekend. Winter is coming, but not for a few months anyway.

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