2013 Draft Talk: Would the Wizards draft Len?

2013 Draft Talk: Would the Wizards draft Len?
December 19, 2012, 2:30 pm
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While determining what fresh and new angle should be part of of today's Wizards coverage, my thoughts drifted to which fresh and new players Washington might add in the 2013 NBA Draft. Yes, the draft is over six months away, the list of projected prospects beyond unclear and their upside potential most definitely uncertain.

Still, 3-19. As the kids say, it is what it is.

So, I present a handful of mock drafts. Consider this your preseason homework. Soon enough we'll be talking for real about which of these players ideally makes Chinatown their home.

*This one from DraftExpress.com has the Wizards taking UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad. On some level this makes sense because the smooth 6-foot-6 wing guard can create his own offense, a rare commidity in these NBA parts. However, unless he can legitmately play small forward, not sure how Muhammad fits with Bradley Beal already locked in at the shooting guard slot. 

*This mock isn't actually a mock even though it's called a mock. Rather we have a list of the top 60 prospects, which is totally fine...other than Indiana's Cody Zeller being at the top of it. My thoughts on the 7-foot sophomore on the next level are best summed up by college basketball analyst Fran Franschilla.

Huge fan of Cody Zeller and he's No. 1 on my Impact 25 as a college player, but as an NBA player? Would scare me if I had Top 3 pick.

— Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) December 18, 2012

*Maryland's Alex Len ranks fifth on both drafts (or lists, or slotted guesses, take your pick). Others say in time the 7-foot-1 Ukrainian could be the No. 1 overall selection. When you consider Nene's injury history, Emeka Okafor's contract runs out after 2013-14, Kevin Seraphin currently plays smaller this his wide-bodied frame suggests he should and Jan Vesely isn't playing at all, the Wizards could use more actual size/height inside.

However, we know those in town not named Ernie Grunfeld would really, really, REALLY prefer Washington not draft another international big man. So if the Wizards find themselves in position where Len's the best bet, will fans freak or say OK considering the center's ACC resume? Could indeed be a relevant question/bar debate come late June 2013 so noodle that for a bit. You've got time.