2012 Media Predictions

2012 Media Predictions
October 30, 2012, 3:45 pm
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Washington Wizards shooting guard Jordan Crawford (15) and teammate point guard John Wall during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Sacramento Kings.

(AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

The NBA season is finally here and opens with three games on tap, including the Wizards playing at Cleveland. That means for those that wish to offer predictions on the Wizards' upcoming 2012-13 campaign, now's the time. My CSNwashington colleagues, others on the Wizards beat and D.C. media members kindly took time to answer a series of questions and offer bold predictions on the players and team overall. We'll check back on how everyone is looking at the All-Star break and at season's end, but in the mean time share your opinions or counter our projections with your own insight...

1) How many games will Nene play?

Ben Standig, CSNwashington: 60
Frank Hanrahan, CSNwashington: 50
Scott Jackson, ESPN980: 65
Kyle Weidie, TruthAboutIt.net: 64
Carla Peay, Washington Times: 64
Brian Jackson, CSNwashington.com: 55

2) How many points + assists will John Wall average?
Standig: 16.6 + 8.5 = 25.1
Hanrahan:19 + 8 = 27
S. Jackson: 17 + 9 =26
Weidie:  27.9
Peay: 15.8 + 9.5 = 25.3
B. Jackson: 18.1 + 8.7 = 26.8

3) How many games will John Wall play?
Standig: 64
Hanrahan: 60
S. Jackson: 60
Weidie: 67
Peay: 67
B. Jackson: 60

4) How many points + rebounds will Emeka Okafor average?

Standig: 10.0. + 8.5 = 18.5
Hanrahan: 8 + 9 =17
S. Jackson: 8 + 12= 20
Weidie: 22.5
Peay: 10.5 + 9.5 = 20
B. Jackson: 12.4 + 8. 2= 20.6

5) What percentage will Trevor Ariza shoot from the field?
Standig: 39.9
Hanrahan: 39.0
S. Jackson: 43.0
Weidie: 41.1
Peay: 45
B. Jackson: 39.3

6) What percentage will Jan Vesely shoot from the free throw line?
Standig: 63.7
Hanrahan: 50.0
S. Jackson: 60.0
Weidie: 67.8
Peay: 60.0
B. Jackson: 58.2

7) What percentage will Martell Webster shoot from 3?
Standig: 39.8
Hanrahan: 38.0
S. Jackson: 39.
Weidie: 39.5
Peay: 38.5
B. Jackson: 41.2

8) How many points per game will Bradley Beal average?
Standig: 12.8
Hanrahan: 12.0
S. Jackson: 18.0
Weidie: 15.3
Peay: 13.5
B. Jackson: 15.5

9) What place will Bradley Beal finish in the Rookie of the Year race?
Standig: Third (Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard)
Hanrahan:  Fifth (Davis, Jeremy Lamb^, Robinson and Harrison Barnes)
S. Jackson: Second: (Davis)
Weidie:  Second (Davis)
Peay: Third (Davis and somebody who's team has a better record than the Wizards)
B. Jackson: Third (Anthony Davis, Lillard)

10) Rank in order based on who will start the most games: Trevor Booker, Jordan Crawford, A.J. Price or Kevin Seraphin?
Standig: Seraphin, Booker, Crawford, Price
Hanrahan: Booker, Crawford, Seraphin, Price
S. Jackson: Crawford, Seraphin, Price, Booker  
Weidie: Booker, Seraphin, Crawford, Price
Peay: Booker, Crawford, Seraphin, Price
B. Jackson: Booker

11) Based on average, who will lead the Wizards in scoring?
Standig: John Wall
Hanrahan: John Wall
S. Jackson: Bradley Beal
Weidie: John Wall
Peay: Jordan Crawford
B. Jackson: John Wall

12) How many points will the Wizards average per game?
Standig: 95.5
Hanrahan: 96.0
S. Jackson: 97.0
Weidie: 97.2
Peay: 95.2
B. Jackson: 97.0

13) How many Wizards will play at least 70 games?
Standig: 9 (Beal, Vesely, Crawford, Okafor, Webster, Singleton, Ariza, Price, Seraphin)
Hanrahan: 7 (Singleton, Vesely, Okafor, Crawford, Webster, Beal, Ariza)
S. Jackson: 10 (Beal, Crawford, Booker, Seraphin, Singleton, Ariza, Price, Vesley, Webster, Okafor)
Weidie: 9 (Vesely, Singleton, Okafor, Beal, Webster, Price, Crawford...and two more TBD)
Peay: 8
B. Jackson: 7 (Beal, Webster, Seraphin, Crawford, Vesely, Okafor, Martin)

14) How many games will the Wizards win?
Standig: 38
Hanrahan: 30
S. Jackson: 35
Weidie: 34
Peay: 34
B. Jackson: 41

15) Will the Wizards make the playoffs? If yes, what seed?
Standig: No (10th seed)
Hanrahan: No
S. Jackson: No
Weidie: No
Peay: No
B. Jackson: No (9th seed)

^Pick made before Lamb traded to Oklahoma City