Williams unsure of Nats' needs ahead of trade deadline

Williams unsure of Nats' needs ahead of trade deadline
July 19, 2014, 6:30 pm
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With the 2014 MLB trade deadline just 12 days away, the Nationals are weighing their options as usual. They are currently in second place and in theory could use improvement, but what exactly they could use is the question.

Much of the first half of their season was affected by injuries and now at full health, finding a weakness on their roster is no easy task. Their pitching staff as a whole ranks first in the majors with a 3.09 ERA. Both their rotation (3.30) and bullpen (2.65) place third, respectively.

The Nats' offense is 15th in runs scored this year, but five of their regulars have spent time on the DL. Having everybody healthy enough to get an accurate read on their capabilities has been difficult.

Basically, the Nats could probably use something, but what that is is not clear. Matt Williams talked about the deadline on Saturday and explained that conundrum:

"I think it's important to say that you don't want to do a deal just to do a deal. If Mike's got something or somebody's out there that could be a difference maker for us, that's another thing. But to just do something because doesn't make any sense. In a situation like that you'd be certainly losing some depth in your organization and it's gotta be worth it for you this year. We're continuing to talk about things, nothing that's imminent for sure. What do we need? I don't know. We've got multiple guys that play multiple positions, so we've got a backup of strength and longevity and depth, all of that. Our starters have been good, you've got five guys in there that have been really good all year. Our bullpen has been fantastic, so you don't look at a glaring need there either. Who knows what will happen in the next couple of weeks, but right now it would have to be a huge difference maker for our ballclub I think for everybody to be interested."

The 2014 MLB trade deadline is on July 31.