White House receives petition for Marlins to be sold

White House receives petition for Marlins to be sold
January 24, 2013, 9:15 am
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The official website for the White House has an interesting feature that allows average citizens to call something to the attention of the President of the United States. It is an online petition, a digital medium that requires a certain amount of signatures before earning an official response from the administration in office.

Recently this has been in the news for states trying to secede from the union, for Auburn fans trying to get Gene Chizik fired, or for people trying to get CNN’s Piers Morgan deported because of his views on gun control. Some of these issues have actually received enough signatures to garner the response, prompting the White House to up the threshold from 50,000 people to 100,000.

One recent petition actually relates to the Nationals, in a way. Fans of the Miami Marlins, members of the N.L. East division, are petitioning for their owner Jeff Loria to sell the franchise. 

Here is their reasoning:

“Please help force Marlins owner Jeff Loria to sell the team. He has lied to the people of Miami to get tax funded dollars to build a stadium and promised to put a team on the field with a payroll avg. The Payroll for the Marlins is about 35 million when it was around 90 last year. He has traded every player away with a high salary after just signing to long term deals last off season.”

Now, just because a petition exists on the website doesn’t mean it will get anything accomplished. The Piers Morgan one got the requisite amount of names, but wasn’t taken seriously by the White House.

The Marlins one has a little over 300 signatures so far, just south of 99,500 names away. That is one of the lowest totals so far and they only have until Feb. 21 to reach six figures. For comparison, a petition looking to ban all hammers and baseball bats has 2,826 people behind it.

Nothing may come of it, but it does set up this obvious Marlins joke: Like anything involving action from Miami fans, this petition is struggling to get support.