Werth, Gio argument explained

Werth, Gio argument explained
August 14, 2013, 12:45 am
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Davey: Werth-Gio spat 'just camaraderie'

The dugout argument between Gio Gonzalez and Jayson Werth during the Nats’ win against the Giants on Tuesday night was about just what many had speculated.

Werth thought Gonzalez didn’t hustle to first base on a double play attempt in the first inning and Gio took exception to being called out for it.

Werth declined to comment after the game, and Gonzalez also saved the details.

“It stays between me and Werth,” Gonzalez said.

Luckily Davey Johnson was there to explain it. 

“Oh, just a little camaraderie going on. Jayson sometimes can get a little vocal. He thought that Gio was a little late covering first, and he was,” Johnson said.

With his team showing some life during their fourth consecutive win, however, Johnson saw no issue with the exchange.

“Spirits are high. I like it. It’s no big deal.”

Johnson and Gonzalez both offered up an explanation for why Gio was, in fact, late to covering first.

Buster Posey was up with two outs and hit a groundball to Adam LaRoche who snagged it running to his right towards second. He fired the ball to Ian Desmond who then held it on the turn attempt as he saw no one at first to force the second out. LaRoche was too far from the bag to get back, and Gio was nowhere to be seen.

It turns out Gonzalez may have stepped too far to his right while throwing the pitch. He was favoring a back that had tightened up on a swing last game and came across his body farther than he usually does.

“He falls towards third and with a bad back and falling toward third, he didn’t get over there,” Johnson said. 

Gonzalez acknowledged that as a reason, and admitted he misjudged the sequence.

“I guess it was the way I fell off the mound,” he said. “I just, I kind of read it wrong. I didn't think LaRoche was going to make that play, I thought Anthony [Rendon] was. But I didn't cover the bag. It was the way I fell off the mound.”

The discussion appeared heated on the Comcast SportsNet Giants broadcast, and it remains to be seen if it will be an issue moving forward. LaRoche, a veteran and respected locker room presence, doesn’t think it will.

“We just forget about it,” he said. “That's a thing where you've got a year where we've underachieved, been struggling, around each other all day long. Occasionally some tempers are going to flare. Guys are competitive. It's going to happen. They'll both be over it tomorrow and so will we.”