Two Nats fans in running for MLB Fan Cave

Two Nats fans in running for MLB Fan Cave
February 1, 2013, 12:45 pm
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After bringing you a classic prank by Buck Showalter and the Nats’ bullpen reading excerpts of ’50 Shades of Grey’ last season, the MLB Fan Cave is back for another year and it’s time to pick the new ‘cave dwellers.’ Two young Nationals fans are in the running and have until Feb. 13 to rally enough votes to be one of the two selected to participate this season.

Katie Gregerson (@katiegregerson) of Alexandria, VA and Drew Wildes (@DrewieLemoine) of Annandale, VA are finalists for the contest which places two baseball fans in ‘The Cave.’ The two winners will go to New York and be asked to watch every MLB game of the 2013 season. Along the way they will share their experiences through a blog, social media, and videos.

Each candidate entered the contest by submitting videos to Here are the clips Katie and Drew made to present their case:



Katie, 24, applied for The Fan Cave back in December as sort of a shot in the dark. She has a flexible schedule as a freelance writer and figured it was worth taking a chance. With help from her friends Steve Kryvoruka and Laura Jones, Katie made a video on her iPhone and sent it in.

Then, several weeks later, she was sitting at an auto repair shop down the street from her house in Alexandria when she got an alert on her phone from Twitter. She had a new follower, @JWerthsBeard, a popular parody account. Katie decided to check Twitter because she had a lot of mentions and realized Nats fans across the platform were already campaigning for her to get votes.

A graduate of T.C. Williams, Katie says her ability to write should give her a leg up in the competition as blogging is a big part of the job. She believes she can bring a fresh voice to the experience and most importantly represent the Nationals’ fanbase and Washington, D.C.

“I consider myself to be a fairly creative and witty person - I think that shows in my video submission to the Fan Cave. I enjoy connecting with people through a shared love of sports, and isn't that what the Fan Cave is all about?”

“I want to be chosen for the Fan Cave because I want people to start paying attention to D.C. as a legitimate baseball town. Our team is absolutely stacked, and like Davey Johnson said, "World Series or bust."”

Drew, also 24, moved to Charlottesville last year and currently works at Blue Mountain Brewery. He, the Nationals, and D.C. sports go way back, even before the team came to town. Drew’s older brother was in the same class as Ryan Zimmerman at the University of Virginia and, while visiting the school, saw Ryan hit a home run against Georgia Tech during his junior season.

A graduate of Annandale High School, Drew majored in history at the University of Pittsburgh and believes the game’s past is what makes it special. He is a second generation D.C. baseball fan as his father taught him to love the game.

“My love for baseball (and for D.C. baseball) came from my father.  He grew up around the D.C. metro area and was at the last professional game ever payed at old Griffith's Stadium, he also claims to have seen Frank Howard hit an upper-deck home run at RFK that was still rising when it hit the seats (and I believe him too!).”  

Drew would love to be chosen to show the rest of the baseball world how strong the Nats’ fanbase has become after last season’s historic year.

“I want to be in The Fan Cave first and foremost to represent the Nationals and the entire D.C. metro area.  I feel that even after our strong performance last year that we are not getting enough respect around the league and around the country.  I want to make it to the fan cave to show everyone that D.C baseball is back in a big way.”

Katie and Drew are in the running with 50 other finalists and it will take a lot of votes to get them in. To vote for your fellow Nationals fans, go to the voting headquarters on