Report: Cole Hamels claimed on revocable waivers

Report: Cole Hamels claimed on revocable waivers
August 6, 2014, 5:45 pm
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The Phillies weren't nearly as active as many expected them to be before the July 31 trade deadline, but that doesn't mean they are standing pat.

Philadelphia placed a good group of their players through revocable trade waivers this week, and a few teams have decided to bite. One team, apparently, has claimed ace pitcher Cole Hamels.

Check this from Ken Rosenthal:

Hamels, if you remember, has the Nationals and Braves on his list of teams he would allow a trade to. Hamels can block 20 different teams, leaving nine MLB clubs, and the Nats and Braves are two he would not mind playing for.

It's very unlikely the Nationals are the team that claimed him, but it is an interesting development. The Phillies can now try to orchestrate a trade with the unidentified club, pull Hamels back, or simply let him go. They have 48 hours to do so.

If Hamels is dealt, it could be the first step in a franchise rebuild for the Phillies.