Ramos relieved latest injury isn't serious

Ramos relieved latest injury isn't serious
August 14, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Ramos injury not as serious as first thought

When word began circulating Tuesday night that Wilson Ramos had re-tweaked the same hamstring that twice landed him on the disabled list, it was only natural to worry the Nationals catcher was looking at yet another long recovery.

Ramos, though, knew immediately this wasn't as bad as the previous two. And he got confirmation of that Wednesday morning when team orthopedist Wiemi Douoguih told him he would only need to miss one or two games.

"He saw me yesterday and said it was a little thing, not too hard," Ramos said. "He said see how you feel tomorrow and we'll see what we can do. This morning I woke up and I felt better. ... I feel good to play."

Ramos wasn't in the Nationals' lineup for the second game of this series with the Giants, but he did some jogging in the outfield earlier in the day and emerged with no significant issues.

Doctors told Ramos this strain isn't in the same location as his previous ones. This one occurred lower in the hamstring, almost in the back of the knee, when Ramos tried to beat out a fourth-inning comebacker off pitcher Madison Bumgarner's leg.

Ramos still was thrown out on the play, and on Wednesday he noted each of his hamstring injuries this season has occurred while he was running out of the batter's box.

"Next time for me, easy out," he said with a laugh. "I'm not going to try to do too much, not anymore."

Given his catcher's obvious struggles running this year, does Davey Johnson find himself cringing every time he sees Ramos breaking out of the batter's box?

"You know, I really haven't," the manager said. "He's played pretty much every day since he last came off [the DL]... He's strong as a horse. He even came to me the other day; he was real mad at me when I didn't play him the day game after the night game. He said: 'I don't got to miss anything. I don't want to miss nothing. I missed enough already.'"

That said, Ramos wasn't too upset to come out of Tuesday's game after this latest injury, which happened to occur only a few minutes before the Nationals and Giants went into a 1-hour, 17-minute rain delay.

"In that moment, I say to God: 'Oh my god, just give me something,'" Ramos said. "And the rain starts."