Puig's autograph forged more than any other athlete

Puig's autograph forged more than any other athlete
December 24, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Yasiel Puig became the breakout star of 2013 in Major League Baseball with his highlight throws and ridiculous rookie numbers. Now it appears he's a breakout star in another realm: autograph forgeries.

Puig autographs are forged more than any other current athlete, regardless of sport. The only other famous athlete currently living who has more signatures faked on collectibles is Michael Jordan.

Sports Collectors Daily released a new list of the athletes and celebrities most often the victim of autograph fraud and Puig ranks fifth. Ahead of him are Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, a tie at third between Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, and Michael Jordan. SCD calls them the "most dangerous" sports stars' autographs.

The report says that 90 percent of the Puig autographs submitted to authenticators in 2013 were fake. It's more likely to find a Puig forgery than one for LeBron James, Tiger Woods or Wayne Gretzky.

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Why exactly Puig is targeted for this is hard to guess. It doesn't make very much sense at all. It does serve, however, as a reminder to collectors out there. If you want a Puig autograph, you may want to physically be there in person when he signs it. Otherwise it could have been signed by anybody. 

(Via Yahoo.com)