Protective headgear for pitchers possible for 2014

Protective headgear for pitchers possible for 2014
December 19, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Major League Baseball could see homeplate collisions banned for 2014 - a measure to prevent head injuries - but that may not be the only change with safety in mind.

Fox Sports has reported baseball may see protective headgear for pitchers for the first time next season. Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy told Fox's Jimmy Traina the equipment will likely be available for 2014. 

McCarthy was involved in a scary incident in 2012 while pitching with the A's when a comebacker hit him square in the head. McCarthy was sent to the hospital that September day and has since recovered.

Baseball has seen several pitchers hit in the head in recent years, including current Nationals starter Doug Fister. Nats reliever Erik Davis also still bears scars from getting hit in the head in 2007 by a line drive.

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McCarthy says the gear will not be mandatory, and a lot of players will probably have an issue with the way it looks. It is a thin lining for the hat, but does look noticeably larger. The gear does, however, help to prevent head injuries so it will probably catch on eventually. Baseball could always make it mandatory in the future as well, much like the NHL did with helmets.

Technology has been invented to give hats more protection, it just hasn't been adopted yet. 2014 could see the start of a new era (in more ways than one).