PHOTO: Lannan in a Phillies jersey

PHOTO: Lannan in a Phillies jersey
February 14, 2013, 10:15 am
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Having been in town for less than a decade, the Washington Nationals haven’t really had many long-tenured players, guys that you are so used to seeing in a Nats jersey that to see them play for someone else would feel strange. The closest would perhaps be Livan Hernandez who had two stints with the team, but he played for ten different teams in 17 seasons. 

This year Nats fans may finally feel that sense of shock of seeing a former player wear a rival’s jersey. John Lannan, who pitched in Washington from 2007 to 2012, signed a one-year deal with the Phillies over the offseason and will now pitch for the team’s most heated adversary.

On Thursday a photo surfaced on Twitter of Lannan at Phillies spring training, wearing a different MLB uniform for the first time. Here he is walking with Roy Halladay in Clearwater, Fl:

(Via @recordsANDradio)

Not only did Lannan pitch for the Nats, he has a personal history with Philly. Lannan broke Chase Utley’s hand back in 2007 at Citizen’s Bank Park in the pitcher’s major league debut. Lannan was then ejected from the game after hitting Ryan Howard with another pitch.

Lannan signed a $2.5 million deal with the Phillies for 2013, looking to join the back of their top-heavy rotation. He made just six starts for the Nats last season after spending most of the season at Triple-A Syracuse. Lannan has a 4.01 career ERA with 42 wins in his six major league seasons.