PHOTO: Bryce Harper likes another team DC fans despise

PHOTO: Bryce Harper likes another team DC fans despise
June 13, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Last week Bryce Harper showed off his love for the Cowboys by wearing a Dallas hat to the National Zoo. Now he may be ready to rock another D.C. rivals' gear.

On Friday Harper tweeted a picture of a box of Duke Blue Devils merchandise. Yeah, Duke. Like the second most-hated team in town behind the Cowboys.

See for yourself:

Now, either Bryce is not aware of his city's sports allegiances, or he simply doesn't care. But either way, he's got the two biggest no-no's crossed off the list.

So, now that Harper has a streak going, who should he support next? Maybe a Syracuse hat to troll Georgetown fans? How about a Penguins sweater? Do Wizards fans still hate the Cleveland Cavaliers?

In all seriousness, the next teams on the list would likely be the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. And since he's a Cowboys fan, maybe he won't go that far.

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